Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Weeks C26–C30


After hurting my back on April 8, I gave up working out for a month. Certainly some rest was needed in order to allow my back to recover, but I do feel like I took advantage of the excuse provided by the injury to flake out completely.

My back began to feel better after a couple of weeks (despite my not abandoning hockey), but then I re-tweaked it while trying to corral my puppy.

At that point I booked myself an ashiatsu massage at the awesome Sore Spots. The therapist was able loosen me up a bit, but she also suggested I meght benefit from seeing an osteopath or chiropractor. I chose the former, and just had my third appointment today.

On the advice of the osteopath, I skipped a week of hockey, but I went back to it this week (Week of May 19)

I also resumed workouts...

Week C25

Monday, April 8, 2019

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 1

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP), in 20 minutes, with an 18 lb weight vest*, of:
  1. 3 Pull-Ups
  2. 6 Push-Ups
  3. 10 Air Squats


*I hurt my lower back on the tenth round of squats. I think it happened because I was not engaging my core and glutes when dropping into the squat.

I removed the vest and kept going.

Rounds: 19 (63.2 s/round) (-1 cf. Previous and -4 cf. PR)
Reps: 57 pull-ups + 114 push-ups + 190 squats = 371 (3.23 s/rep)

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 2

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 3


Hockey, Tuesday morning.


Monday's back strain ended up knocking me out of my workout routine until May 20.