Saturday, 25 July 2020

Week D1

Begin Again

This is the end of my third week of starting over, so really this should be Week D3.

Except I skipped every workout in the second week.

And I am pretty sure I started over a few months ago, before faltering again, so maybe this should be Week E3.

I would like to write a detailed post about evrything that's happened since the previous entry in this log, but I don't have it in me tonight.

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 1


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 2

Level 6, Day 2 consists of 5 rounds of:
  1. 6 Pull-Ups
  2. 19 Push-Ups
  3. 32 Squats


  • Round 1: 70s
  • Round 2: 80s
  • Round 3: 131s
  • Round 4: 154s
  • Round 5: 176s


  • Total: 10m11s
  • Reps: 30 Pull-Ups + 95 Push-Ups + 160 Air Squats = 285 (2.11 s/rep)

Saturday, July 25, 2020

SimpleFit, Level 6, Day 3

Level 6, Day 3 consists of 1 round of:
  1. 32 Pull-Ups (8-5-3-3-3-3-2-1-1)
  2. 64 Push-Ups (20-8-6-5-5-5-5)
  3. 64 Squats (64)


  • Time: 10m35s
  • Reps: 32 Pull-Ups + 64 Push-Ups + 64 Air Squats = 160 (2.32 s/rep)


  1. Hey Cheapo! You gunna get back to this?

    Got a question. Did you add any additional training to get past level 6 or 7? I really want to get to level 8 this year.

    Cheers man,


  2. Hey! I am actually doing SF again, but much more carefully than before. I am 51 now, and I need to use good form to avoid injury. Other than general busyness, injuries (not acute, just nagging pain here and there) have made it hard for me to be consistent over the last few years.

    I have been back at it since the beginning of March. Good form means my numbers were much lower than previously, but they are now creeping back up. I am finding that (surprise, surprise) good form is making me stronger. (Similar to when I switched from chin-ups to pull-ups.)

    I don't blog about it, because formatting these posts the way I like takes too long—too much futzing with HTML.

  3. Ah awesome :) did you have any tips for getting to level 8? Do any extra volume at all?

  4. It is a while ago now, but I think I used the following strategies:
    - Day 1 and 2: weighted vest. It had a capacity of 40 lbs. I think I got up to 30. (I did! See here:
    - Day 1: if there was time on the clock when I finished the last possible complete rep, I would start another rep anyway, even though it would finish after time ran out. (It's up to you whether to count this rep toward your Day 1 score!)

  5. Ah great thank you, I will have to get myself a vest! Thanks

  6. My vest is a TKO 40 lb. Adjustable Weighted Vest, FYI.

  7. Ah thanks will have a look :)

  8. Hey Cheapo me again, still chipping away at the Simplefit workouts! Looking for your advice again, this time on nutrition.

    So I'm right in thinking you went down the paleo route? Did you count calories or fast etc or was all your fat loss just from making this one change?


    P.S. you still training?